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Providing accurate results and ROI of digital marketing campaigns to key stakeholders is still a challenge for many organizations. Proving campaign performance across a variety of channels while adapting to industry changes continues to create complexity that marketers must overcome. So what is the solution to get a comprehensive view of customer response?

OnSpot’s Attribution Reporting tool has been enhanced to provide our users with a look at both in-person and online visitors from the audiences targeted for an advertising campaign. Key benefits of the enhancements include:

  • Analysis of in-store and digital visits and how this translates to increases in incremental revenue over time, including cost per visit
  • Insight into customer response including customers who are in-store visitors, digital purchasers, or a combination of both
  • Detailed reporting on which location(s) in the target audience a customer visited in addition to your destination to understand cross shopping behavior
  • Ability to schedule reports either weekly or monthly to make optimizations during the campaign
  • Measure effectiveness of various media channels

Additionally, your team should be asking key questions and create a plan so that you can define what success looks like for your organization. These could include items such as:

What are the most important metrics when defining campaign success? 

Example: Increase in unique visitors to our store or website

Which audiences are responding best and why?

Example: Our competitor conquesting audience is responding better than the audience based upon demographic characteristics alone. It seems our offer of a coupon to those who frequently visit competitors has resonated with this group.

Are the various channels we are using working together effectively?

Example: A digital display campaign, CTV ad, and direct mail piece contain similar messaging driving people to shop our ecommerce website. Sending varied but similar messages to the same group has increased digital store visits and conversions.

What does the enhanced attribution report look like, you may ask? Here is an example of a retail shopping center that targeted visitors to competitors, driving them to visit their shopping center as well as their website. You will see that there are 3 tabs displayed when a web pixel / website digital visitor audience is included detailing the overall summary, footfall, and digital results.

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