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We leverage data and technology to help our partners meet their business goals

Our Platform

OnSpot offers powerful mobile data insights and unparalleled targeting precision.


Behavioral Targeting Thousands of syndicated segments paired with customizable segments ensures precise targeting

Syndicated Segments range from basic demographics to purchasing habits

Look-Alike Targeting allows for the selection or expansion of a mobile audience by including devices exhibiting the same behavioral attributes

Target responders across any channel – Mobile, Online, IP or even Direct Mail

Location Analytics Reporting on devices that enter the geo-fence allows for a deeper understanding of any specified audience

Harness time and location data to customize audiences and create attribution reports

Highly customizable designated locations allow for the addition of 1st or 3rd party demographic data to geo audiences

Build and target an audience of mobile devices that have been to, or near, any location of interest with Visitor Retargeting

Mobile First While others have migrated from desktop marketing, mobile has always been at the forefront of our platform development

Confidently serve the best content to the right devices at the optimal time

Home Address Identification allows a mobile device to be associated to any of the commercial, retail, and third-party data sources tied to a residential address

Tens of millions of targetable mobile devices with attributes ranging from ZIP4 to Individual Level data

Precision OnSpot has developed technology and methodology that raise the standard for precision targeting

Our patented algorithms and methods generate accurate location information for both targeting and attribution

We use precise location polygons unlike many platforms using location radii

Scale Massive daily processing and Cross-Channel Audience Targeting allow for efficient build-out and scaling

We process billions of records daily to create actionable targeting intelligence

OnSpot enables partners to select audiences from individual, device, or household for re/targeting

Bespoke DMP Talk to us about using our platform to manage your private data

Pair your data with our precision for optimal targeting

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Mike Perri

Mike Perri


Mike is a twenty-five -year veteran of the telecom and internet technology companies, he is the founder of three successful tech startups. Mike has extensive expertise in internet tech, mobile marketing, mobile software, data analytics, product marketing and has enjoyed a successful career as a business development executive.

Mark Welton

Mark Welton


Mark’s background has ranged from engineering and software development to product management and marketing. He has served as CMO for WorldCom and SVP of Enhanced Services for Qwest. Mark’s expertise lies in Internet technologies, mobile applications, Internet telephony, and of course, data processing and product development.

Dale Hartzell

Dale Hartzell


Dale’s has found success working for Bell Lab and IBM, as well as launching several successful startups. With thirty years of experience creating innovative hardware and software solutions, Dale is seasoned in all aspects of bringing product to market.

Jake Litke

Jake Litke

VP Product

Jake was the founder and CEO of Media Cannon, a startup with a successful exit in 2010, and has been building mobile products and tech platforms for over 15 years. He has built dozens of successful technology platforms serving millions of consumers


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