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Accurately create custom audiences and know with confidence that the audience contains the right people. Activate audience data across channels, devices, and screens for maximum impact.

Location Analytics

Easily draw a precise shape around any location of interest using our intuitive interactive map tools. Select a custom time frame, and build your Geoframe audience. Expand on this by creating a trade area radius around your Geoframe for further analysis. It is that easy, in a few clicks you are ready to deliver a digital campaign to the custom targeted audience.


Create local, regional, and national audiences from hundreds of household-level data elements using an easy-to-navigate menu to select attributes. The system interactively delivers audience sizing for further customization.

OnSpot can ingest Commercial Address and Residential Address databases

First-Party Data

Already have a database of home addresses, store locations, or devices? Import residential or commercial address lists, your own pre-built polygons, a list of latitude/longitudes, or a pre-existing list of Mobile Ad ID’s. The platform also supports IP address imports that convert into MAID audiences.

Political Data

Target politically oriented groups using industry-leading modeled data. Factors such as party affiliation, voter turnout, and donation amount prediction and/or percentile can be chosen on a sliding scale based on probability. These audiences can be activated for political campaigns to drive voter turnout or fundraising — and can also be used by businesses to sell products or services to politically driven consumers.

Create politically oriented audiences

Point-of-Interest Data

Quick Select eliminates the need to draw individual Geoframes around every location of interest when building national, regional, and category-based audiences. Efficiently build an audience by selecting from millions of retail or commercial locations. Pick a geographic area and a date range and the platform creates the rest.

Website Visitors

Visitors to your website don’t always take the desired action, but they can still be considered a lead interested in your product or service. Site visits from organic, search, or advertising traffic sources can be converted via their IP address into a mobile audience or mailing list via OnSpot’s automated cookieless process.

OnSpot Web Pixel processing workflow from incoming web traffic that is converted into Mobile Ad Ids and ultimately a target audience
Predicted Moves use cases including moving and storage home improvement memberships subscriptions personal services real estate and furniture and home goods

Predicted Movers

Our historical data can identify MAIDs that are likely to move to a new home address. Users can get a predicted movers audience for digital campaigns and reporting or street addresses for direct mail.

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