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In partnership with Quadrant, OnSpot Data Co-Founder and CEO Dale Hartzell discusses four unique client case studies demonstrating the value of the OnSpot Data Platform and Integrated DSP.

Campaign managers are looking for tools that make life easier, while providing the robust reporting and data-driven results their advertisers demand. The OnSpot team has launched a new tool that can be used alongside our main Platform, and we are excited to announce it is now available as a self-service, end-to-end solution for programmatic advertising campaigns.

Based on feedback from our users, the OnSpot team has been working over the last several months to release new features and enhancements onto the platform. This webinar will highlight these new features and provide you with use cases and examples so that you can incorporate them into your projects and workflows.

Our end-to-end Managed Campaign Services have helped clients drive more foot traffic and revenue to their business locations. Join our team to discuss a year-long campaign case study and learn how different audience tactics, creative approach, and reporting can help you achieve success today.

You’ve learned audience creation using Geoframes, but how do you take your targeting to the next level? Watch the recorded session to learn more.

Product experts from OnSpot and OpenX announced our new partnership and opportunities for activating your custom audiences across a wider variety of DSPs and media types, including CTV, Desktop, Mobile, and OTT.

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