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Experience the power of OnSpot analytics, audience targeting, and attribution reporting combined with digital ad campaign management and media buying.

OnSpot Integrated DSP workflow whereas audience data flows out of the OnSpot DMP into the DSP and back again for reporting

Transparency & Simplicity

Full visibility on campaigns, from audience creation, activation & impressions served, all the way through to attribution reporting & results. Campaigns can be served in mobile, desktop or connected TV (CTV) environments through an easy-to-use DSP interface. With OnSpot, there is no longer a need to juggle multiple platforms for audience creation, campaign execution and data analytics.

Rapid Audience Publishing + Full Match

Audiences published to the DSP from the OnSpot platform are available for use in a campaign almost instantly. Fully match all devices published for ad serving, unlike other DSPs that “lose” part of your audience in their match process. Utilize our audience extension tools to further increase your reach and scale.

OnSpot Integrated DSP Publishing Menu
OnSpot expanded attribution measurement includes visits by creative location marketing tactic origin market and more.

Targeted & Served Attribution Measurement

In-flight and post-campaign delivery, footfall, and web response metrics for the campaign, line items, targeted audiences, served audiences and locations. OnSpot’s analytics platform can receive daily reports on devices served an impression for each line item from the integrated DSP for use in reporting and analysis. Footfall and website attribution reporting using actual devices served improves KPI reporting, campaign optimization and retargeting.

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