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Accurately pull together results across your digital marketing channels, finding areas of opportunity and proving return on ad spend. Attribute specific audiences and individuals within the audience to in-person visits, online browsing, and sales.

Attribution Reporting

Our attribution tools deliver quantifiable insights on campaign response by anonymously associating in-person and/or online visits of a particular destination back to the target audience you served media to across any marketing channel.

Measure responses by both the target audience segment and destination location for campaign optimization, KPI reporting, A/B testing, or identifying additional targeting opportunities. OnSpot’s interactive dashboard provides a comprehensive view of customer response in an easy-to-digest format.

Measure Return on Ad Spend

Matchback reporting closes the loop on customer response to evaluate sales lift, ROI, and CPA (Cost per Acquisition). Submit a residential address list (street, city, state, zip) from sales data, CRM, customer lists, or another database to our team, and we will generate a report detailing which customers were part of the original Target audience(s) used in the campaign. In this way, you can understand how your campaign drove both real-world and online sales.

Responder Audiences

Generate a demographic profile for a deeper understanding of who is engaging with your campaign. Create a new audience from this group of responders that converted in-person, online, or by making a purchase. Use Attribution Responders for re-targeting efforts, building loyalty programs, or for reaching new likely converters using our audience extension tools.

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