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Attribution Reporting

Footfall & Online Visitor Measurement

Utilize OnSpot’s Attribution Reporting to measure campaign performance and foot traffic from a target audience that you marketed to against a destination — the location or set of locations you were driving them to visit — during the campaign period. This destination can be a physical set of locations, web visits captured via our pixel tool, or IP addresses uploaded into the platform.

OnSpot Attribution Reporting

OnSpot Attribution Reporting delivers quantifiable insights on campaign response by anonymously analyzing both real-world and online visits to the desired destination locations against targeted campaign audiences to measure respondents.

Respondents are reported by both the target audience segment and destination location to support focused analysis for campaign optimization, measuring KPIs, comparing results for A/B tests, or identifying additional high-performing audiences. OnSpot’s interactive dashboard simplifies creating detailed Attribution Reports to provide a comprehensive view of customer response.

OnSpot Attribution Report Summary Page
OnSpot Create Responders Audience Menu

Responders Audience

Respondents that visited the destination locations from the marketing campaign can be turned into an audience. Utilize a Responders Audience for re-targeting efforts, building loyalty programs, and more. Increase campaign reach with household, social, and lookalike audience extensions. Gain insights from audience responses to different campaign messaging.

Campaign Measurement

Understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and optimize your marketing spend while improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measure footfall response for brick-and-mortar locations and online responses (both organic and click-thru) for websites. Attribution Reporting is useful beyond campaign measurement, too. Here are some examples that our clients use to get the most out of this feature.

sample attribution report
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Matchback Reporting

Matchback reporting delivers additional levels of detail on customer response to evaluate Sales Lift, ROI, and CPA (Cost per Acquisition). Users can submit a residential address list (street, city, state, zip) from their sales data, CRM, customer lists, or another database to our team, and we will generate a report detailing which customers were part of the original Target audience(s) used in the campaign. In this way, you can understand how your campaign drove both real-world and online sales.

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