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About Us

We've been doing this for a while

OnSpot started as a small team of engineers working to make sense of the massive and complex data sets generated by mobile advertising. This work yielded a variety of unique products and services, industry-leading technology, and an extensive patent portfolio. OnSpot remains an engineering first company dedicated to delivering better data, better insights, and better results.

OnSpot offers best in class geospatial data analytics and services that allow users to obtain data and insights customized to their unique problems and objectives. Whether analyzing mobile device behavior, building targeted audiences, analyzing retail locations, or understanding visitor profiles and personas, the user is in control. OnSpot provides easy-to-use tools to glean insights from massive amounts of data without being a data scientist. We’ve done the hard part so you don’t have to.

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Meet the Team

Michael Perri
CEO Co-Founder

Dale Hartzell
COO Co-Founder

Maurice Carron
SVP of Technology

Will Vincent
VP UI Engineering

Dr. Stephen Skory PhD
Chief Data Scientist

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Board Members

Charles Corfield
President and CEO nvoq

Paul Swigart
CEO, Xtellus Capital Partners

Advisory Board Member:
Charles Boyd

Verizon Enterprise Solutions

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