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Redefining Data Driven Marketing

The OnSpot Platform delivers a user-driven solution for audience creation, campaign activation and reporting results. Our industry leading data, combined with simplified tools will help you exceed your business goals.

Gain exceptional insights from our easy-to-use platform that offers unprecedented flexibility and astounding performance. OnSpot delivers answers with transparency by utilizing over 200 terabytes of actual, cleansed visit data — no modeled data, no extrapolated data, no bad data, and no canned audience segments. Get notably better results with OnSpot.

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Audiences that Perform

Unparalleled flexibility for users to create custom audiences using a variety of different tools and features. Revolutionize your marketing with highly targeted segments tailored to your business goals.


Sophisticated attribution tools and reporting measure both real-world and online customer visits. Validate your campaign effectiveness and reach in a few clicks.

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Location Analytics

Gain insight and understanding of visitors and consumers with tools and reports that provide demographic profiles, behavioral patterns, and more.

Integrated DSP Solution

Integrated self-service DSP (Demand Side Platform) solution that combines the power of our targeted audiences and attribution reporting with digital ad campaign management and media buying.

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