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A New Retail Market – Interesting Changes That We Are Seeing In The Retail Market

1. Staying in touch with customers Reaching retail customers has been a real challenge for brick and mortar businesses. As retailers reopen and shoppers start coming back, in many cases…

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The Best Ways to Use OnSpot Data to Reach Mobile Audiences

For years, marketers have tried to find ways to connect with mobile audiences. After all, mobile web traffic accounts for about half of all global web traffic. By not advertising on…

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Measure Your Marketing Campaign Using Offline Visitation

Your team has put in hours of work and capital to perfect your marketing strategy. Since each marketing campaign requires an investment, it’s important to determine if that investment was…

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How to Find Relevant Audiences with Geoframing

Marketing to a target audience can set your company apart from competitors and drastically increase your market reach . It will allow you to speak directly to your company’s ideal…

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