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Anonymously observe real visitors to any location using OnSpot's suite of reporting and analytics tools. Identify behavioral trends to inform your marketing strategy for precision audience targeting.

OnSpot Insight Report Dashboard

Audience Insights

Insight reports help you quickly understand audience behavior to guide your business with actionable intelligence about customer and competitor foot traffic. Understand the “who,” “what,” and “where & when” of your audience profile.


Gain essential awareness about visitor households through OnSpot’s demographic reporting. Hundreds of data points are available for every audience including gender, age, household income, interests, purchase intent, and more.

OnSpot Demographic Report Dashboard
Audience Household Heatmap

Geographical Analysis

Map-based visualization tools display location visitor patterns – where they come from, how far they travel, and how frequently they visit. Understand trade areas based on these visits to focus marketing efforts, guide store placement, and customize product selection and offers.

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