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Maximize foot traffic and engagement for your properties

OnSpot’s platform provides essential information to shape your strategies around current and future properties.

Retail Shopping Center Aerial View

Locations and Visitors

The OnSpot Data self-service platform has a suite of location analytics and reports that support analysis, presentation, decision-making, and measurement needs for any REIT. 

  • Evaluate your properties, competing properties, or potential locations to provide valuable insight. 
  • Explore the trade area of a property to evaluate both resident and commuter personas and behavior. 
  • Accurately measure where visitors live, when they visit, how often they visit, other locations they frequent, and more.
  • Build insightful customer personas based on actual visitors, not just zip codes.

Data Visualization

Develop a competitive view of a location’s retail trade area based on individualized insights in reports, graphs, and cluster maps.

Trade area analysis allows you to evaluate both residents and commuters within a specified radius of your target locations. Information includes visitors by zip code, travel distance, visitor originations, destinations, and frequencies.

Request your complimentary Insight Report below for any REIT property:

household cluster map example
OnSpot Insight Report Example

REIT Demographic Insights

Household-level demographic data provides an essential profile of visitors to your property, their behavior, and their interests.

Through the OnSpot platform, a location can be quickly and easily geoframed in order to capture devices that have been to the shopping center. 

From there, an insight report can be easily generated which shares important customer information including unique visits, total visits, times of day, days of the week, zip codes, age, gender, marital status, lifestyle interests, and more.

REIT Demographic Report

The demographic report, created from the geoframe(s) built around the property(s), shares important information about visitors to the property including age, gender, marital status, presence of children, lifestyle interests, and more.

OnSpot Demographic Report Example
OnSpot Trade Area Audience Demographics Report

Trade Area Audience Demographics

Within the OnSpot tool, quickly create a trade area audience around your center in 2 clicks and open up the demographic report to view household and/or workplace demographics for the selected radius around your business. 

By analyzing the 2 demographic reports we can see that we could reach new customers by adding stores that maybe appeal to folks who live in a multi-family dwelling and do not have children in the house while continuing to cater to all genders, and folks aged 45-59.

Audience Activation and Measurement:

Any audience created within the platform can be activated for multichannel marketing campaigns to individuals that fall within the selected grouping of location visits, demographic profiles, or digital visitors. Footfall and website visitor lift can be measured with our Attribution Reporting tool. These measurement capabilities provide concrete results to property owners and tenants, proving the value of your marketing campaigns. Additionally, sales data from individual retailers can be matched back to the original target audiences for an end-to-end view of the customer journey.

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