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Versatile data solutions to grow your business.

The OnSpot platform provides unique insights into shopping behavior and purchase intent in order to create customized, actionable audiences. Platform tools can be used to measure and analyze anonymized visitors to any location in the United States over a specified period of time. This information provides the foundation for insights, decision-making, campaign creation, and more. OnSpot delivers total flexibility for users to determine what data, reports, and analytics are right for guiding and validating their marketing strategies.


Maximize your ad spend by using precise, highly-responsive mobile audiences based on location analytics and demographics, custom-built in the OnSpot platform. OnSpot audiences outperform other location-based audiences by 3 to 10X…and we can prove it!


Equip your business for success by understanding both your customers and your competitor’s customers. Use OnSpot’s Trade Area Audiences tool to determine which devices live and work within a defined radius of the business. Find out where your customers are from, what they are interested in, and where else they shop. Tailor offers based on loyalty, frequency, interests, and more using insights provided by OnSpot to deliver individualized marketing that is highly targeted to drive more loyalty and engagement.

Aerial of shopping center and downtown of Oklahoma City in morning

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

Assess trade areas, site selection, and marketing programs by analyzing visitor behavior and demographic profiles. Our data is collected daily from real visitors and delivers meaningful insights that can’t be matched by traditional methods such as infrequent surveys, cameras, or traffic studies.


Drive voter engagement and turnout, expand campaign fundraising efforts, or market products and services to politically oriented consumers.  Create segments based on factors such as party affiliation, midterm or presidential primary turnout, and donation behavior in combination with other demographic categories. Amplify your campaign messaging by combining traditional direct mail with digital advertising.

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