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The OnSpot platform provides unique insights into shopping behavior and purchase intent in order to create customized, actionable audiences. Platform tools can be used to measure and analyze anonymized visitors to any location in the United States over a specified period of time. This information provides the foundation for insights, decision-making, campaign creation, and more. OnSpot delivers total flexibility for users to determine what data, reports, and analytics are right for guiding and validating their marketing strategies.

OnSpot Advertising Audiences

Unlock the full potential of your advertising budgets by harnessing the power of meticulously crafted, highly-responsive audiences rooted in advanced location analytics and demographics. These audiences are tailor-made exclusively within the OnSpot platform. Our audiences consistently other location-based audience solutions by a remarkable 3 to 10 times…and we can prove it!

Empower your retail business for success through a deep understanding of both your customer base and that of your competitors. With OnSpot’s Trade Area Audiences tool, you can precisely identify the devices residing and operating within a specific radius of your business location.

Discover the origins of your customers, their areas of interest, and their shopping preferences. Customize offers based on factors such as loyalty, frequency, interests, and much more, all thanks to the insights provided by OnSpot. This enables you to craft highly personalized marketing strategies, targeting customers with precision, and ultimately fostering greater loyalty and engagement.

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Retail Shopping Center Aerial View

Shape your strategies around current and future properties by evaluating trade areas, refining site selection, and optimizing marketing programs with a comprehensive analysis of visitor behavior and demographic profiles. Our data is continuously gathered from real visitors on a daily basis, providing profound insights that surpass traditional methods like occasional surveys, camera monitoring, or traffic studies.

Distinguish your financial institution from the competition through precise audience targeting and in-depth analytics. This approach enables you to not only attract new customers but also foster enduring brand loyalty. Additionally, our data enables teams to meet regulatory requirements and deliver essential investment analysis to key stakeholders.

Perform in-depth market research using valuable foot traffic trend data to discern evolving consumer trends, preferences, and spending habits. This invaluable resource empowers your institution to pinpoint emerging market opportunities, thereby fortifying your position in the industry.

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People at a voting booth

Boost voter engagement and turnout, broaden your campaign fundraising endeavors, or promote products and services to consumers with political inclinations. Construct segments based on various factors, including party affiliation, voter turnout in midterms or presidential primaries, donation history, and other demographic characteristics. Enhance your campaign messaging using a multichannel approach of merging traditional direct mail with digital advertising.

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