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TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media channels worldwide, with an estimated 170 Million users in the United States. We are happy to announce that we now have a publishing integration with the TikTok advertising platform. Seamlessly share custom audiences built in OnSpot to your TikTok ads manager account. Read more about the advantages of using OnSpot audiences on your next TikTok campaign.

Data Variety = High Quality Audiences

Make the most of your ad spend by taking targeting to the next level. OnSpot’s suite of audience tools bring together a variety of data points based on real-world and online visitation behavior + demographic data to align with the users you want to reach on Tiktok.

Comprehensive Analytics

Dive deeper into audience engagement by utilizing a variety of visual analytics reports. Gain insights on location visit behavior, audience demographics, interests, and more.

Location Visitor Insights

Example of an OnSpot Insight Report

Audience Demographic Profile

Example of an OnSpot Demographic report

Household and Workplace Heatmaps

Attribution Measurement & Reporting

Run a brick-and-mortar business? By using OnSpot attribution tools, you can tie the audience you served with ads on TikTok back to visits to your location(s). Go one step further and match CRM sales data back to your custom target audience.

Attribution report preview

Speak with an OnSpot data expert today to learn more about utilizing OnSpot for your next TikTok campaign.

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