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Understanding the effectiveness of each touchpoint in the customer journey is crucial for every campaign. Marketers rely on attribution reporting to discern which channels and strategies are driving foot traffic and conversions, enabling them to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact. But, how can you tie real-world visitation and sales to ad impressions?

Enter the OnSpot Integrated DSP. By combining the power of our Data Management Platform for audience building for direct ad delivery through the Integrated DSP, we can provide innovative reporting and unique insights into the true impact of your campaigns. Our attribution reporting measures all digital media from mobile, desktop, video, and even CTV. This is not just about online conversions; it’s about understanding how digital advertising translates into tangible, offline actions.

So how do we achieve cross-channel attribution reporting with real-world foot traffic response?


Visits by Creative

Knowing which ad creatives resonate most with your audience is invaluable for optimizing ad spend and creative strategy. By dissecting visitation data by creative, your team can pinpoint which messages, visuals, or calls-to-action resonate the most with your audience.

Visits by Location

Visits by location helps you see which target locations are performing best based on foot traffic to your destination. This report provides essential context for interpreting the geographical impact of your marketing. This can help you identify which target locations could use extra budget, or which locations you should add to your audience.

Visits by Tactic

Our enhanced attribution reporting sheds light on the performance of different media types. Whether you’re serving media on mobile, desktop, or connected TV (CTV), each tactic carries its unique strengths and limitations. By analyzing visitation data by tactic, you can optimize your media mix to reach their desired audience more effectively.

Additionally, we offer visitation tied to the audience segment you’ve created in the OnSpot DMP. This allows you to analyze which targeting strategies are driving the biggest response, and adjust accordingly.

Visits by Origin Market

Uncover visitation patterns on a broader scale by reviewing visits based on the city or state that responders reside in. This provides an opportunity to uncover regional trends, refine messaging to resonate with specific demographics, and allocate budgets more strategically.

OnSpot Data’s enhanced attribution reporting available exclusively through our Integrated DSP fills a crucial gap in the marketplace by providing users with comprehensive insights into the real-world impact of their campaigns. From dissecting creative performance to understanding regional visitation patterns, our platform equips you with the tools you need to optimize strategies, drive more conversions, and ultimately, achieve your business objectives. With cross-channel attribution reporting that integrates real-world foot traffic response, the future of marketing attribution has arrived.

Speak with an expert today on how your business can take advantage of expanded attribution reporting from OnSpot.

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