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Advertising on Facebook is still a viable marketing strategy for many businesses. Even though changes to Facebook’s native targeting capabilities have reduced performance and increased costs, OnSpot’s targeted audiences can be used instead of Facebook’s native targeting to increase response performance while reducing costs.

Here are a few examples of businesses utilizing OnSpot audiences to market effectively in this channel.

Case Study: Golf Association – Increased new members by 38%

  • Objectives – Build brand awareness and attract new members
  • Strategy – Create custom audiences from golf specific locations which included regional courses, training, and retail locations
  • OnSpot Audience Details – Adults 18+ who have visited regional courses, the PGA Tour Superstore, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Van’s Golf or Valley Golf Center

Results: 158,404 impressions delivered, 2,422 clicks for a CTR of 1.53%. Resulted in 139 new members during this period (38% increase over the same period for the previous year).

Case Study: Nationwide Retail Flooring Chain – 6% CTR

  • Objectives – Optimize ad performance and CTR compared to an audience generated natively through Facebook Ads Manager
  • Strategy – Advertise to visitors of any internal store location or competitor store in the flooring & home improvement sector
  • OnSpot Audience Details – Internal retail stores in specific zip codes nationwide and competitor stores within those same zip codes

Results: The month-long campaign delivered an audience reach of 280K devices and over 16K clicks for a CTR of 6%. CPC was $1.15 which is a good result for a Facebook campaign. The client reported that this campaign performed better than similar campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager targeting.

Activating your OnSpot Audience for Facebook

The process for publishing your custom OnSpot Audience to Facebook is easy! Our direct integration delivers OnSpot audiences right into your Facebook Ads Manager from our standard audience publish menu. Once the Audience has been published to Facebook, it is available in your normal Facebook campaign setup process.

Additionally, OnSpot’s footfall and website attribution reporting can be used for all OnSpot audiences published to Facebook to provide enhanced reporting and insights on campaign performance and response.

Contact us today to learn about how our audience data can be activated on Facebook to extend the reach of digital campaigns and deliver improved response and cost metrics over standard Facebook ad targeting.

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