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The social media landscape is continually changing, and perfecting your paid advertising strategy for each channel can be challenging. Here are the top trends for LinkedIn in 2023 and how OnSpot’s suite of solutions can be a great fit to achieve your campaign goals.

OnSpot audiences include data points not offered by the major social networks including past location visit behavior, expanded demographic characteristics, and unique audience extensions that include household members, real-world friends, and lookalikes. These highly targeted audiences are custom tailored to your campaign needs, and can be published to the social platform of your choice for improved performance and response.

OnSpot’s detailed audience analytics inform your team on new opportunities and allow for data-driven decision making for your business. Audience behavior including location visitor trends and patterns, demographic personas, and how they are responding to your marketing efforts are difficult to measure in most social network advertising platforms, but OnSpot can provide those insights. 

OnSpot’s attribution reporting provides tools that measure response to both brick-and-mortar locations and online to deliver multi-channel measurement of ROI on a social campaign. Social platform measurement tools are limited, leaving you without the insights stakeholders need to understand in-person and web visitor behavior outside of click-thrus in the social platform. Additionally, we can match sales back to the original audience exposed to the campaign for improved CPA analysis.  


This channel has traditionally been geared toward job seekers and professionals. However, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to grow your business as well. There have been many improvements and ways to interact with users on the platform to generate leads, seek answers to common pain points from your customer base, and draw attention to that new product feature you just launched. Here are some trends to keep in mind when developing your LinkedIn strategy.

Trend: High Cost & Limited Audience Size

Compared to other social media platforms, advertising on LinkedIn tends to be relatively more expensive. The cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) on LinkedIn can be higher, especially if you’re targeting a specific professional audience. This can limit the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns, particularly if you have a limited budget. 

Additionally, compared to other social advertising platforms, LinkedIn has a more limited number of ad placements. This can result in increased competition for ad space and higher costs. It also means that your ads may appear less frequently, reducing their visibility and potential impact. 

Lastly, LinkedIn’s user base, although substantial, is smaller compared to platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This means that the potential reach of your advertising campaigns may be more limited, particularly if you’re targeting a niche market or a specific demographic.

Benefits of OnSpot

OnSpot’s precision audience building tools allow you to identify and target specific visitors to any location in the U.S., including competitor businesses. Filter based on visit frequency and demographic characteristics to reach potential B2B contacts or employees for recruitment efforts. By utilizing these features, you can overcome LinkedIn’s limited ad targeting options.

Easily increase each and scale while maintaining your required targeting parameters by utilizing the OnSpot audience extensions:

  • Lookalike – This patented tool takes into account both behavioral (real-world location visits) + demographic characteristics to expand your audience to those likely to convert.
  • Social – Advertise to those in close proximity to your original target audience, particularly family, friends, and coworkers to amplify your message through real-world influencers.

OnSpot enables you to activate any audience created through multichannel campaigns, including on LinkedIn. By utilizing LinkedIn along with other channels, you can expand your reach beyond LinkedIn’s user base and target potential prospects or applicants where they may be actively searching for new employment opportunities. This helps overcome the challenge of LinkedIn’s audience size limitation and maximizes the visibility of your campaigns.

Trend: Ad Targeting Options

While LinkedIn offers robust targeting options based on professional criteria, such as job title, industry, and company size, the targeting capabilities may not be as extensive or granular as those provided by other platforms. Catering audiences toward business objectives while measuring results is critical on LinkedIn as much as any other channel. This can make it harder to precisely reach your desired audience or narrow down your targeting parameters.

Benefits of OnSpot

Our suite of solutions will help you to build the correct audience to drive such business objectives, for example, following up with conference attendees or generating registrations for your next webinar. Custom audiences can be activated easily on LinkedIn and used with Dynamic Ads to add that additional layer of personalization and targeting needed to reach your objectives.

Utilize the OnSpot audience building capabilities in addition to the targeting options offered by LinkedIn to ensure your message reaches the right audience.

Trend: Measurement & Analytics

LinkedIn provides analytics and reporting tools to measure the performance of your ads, however, these tools are less robust and detailed compared to other advertising platforms. This can make it challenging to accurately assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

Benefits of OnSpot

The Attribution Reporting feature of the OnSpot platform allows you to track the success of your campaigns by tying the exposed audience to both physical and web locations they visited. This feature helps address the challenge of limited measurement and analytics on LinkedIn. By analyzing the campaign’s impact on driving your targeted audience to visit specific physical locations or websites, you can gain insights into the overall success of your campaigns and make data-driven optimizations. 

For multichannel campaigns, measuring both in-person and web-based responses allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your campaign’s impact across different touchpoints, which can improve your B2B sales or employee recruitment efforts based on the combined response metrics that LinkedIn does not offer.

Note that LinkedIn regularly updates its advertising platform, introducing new features to address some of these challenges. We recommend consulting LinkedIn’s official resources to stay updated with the latest information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of paid advertising on the platform.

By leveraging the precision targeting, multichannel campaigns, attribution reporting, and key benefits provided by the OnSpot platform, you can enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns on LinkedIn and overcome some of the challenges associated with advertising on the platform. Contact our team today to schedule a demo.

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