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From local races all the way to the national stage, OnSpot can provide a unique opportunity to reach voters with your message and increase fundraising by combining our location-based technology and demographic profile tools.

Increased spending on the 2022 Midterm elections is already underway, and set to reach $7.8 billion this cycle. Midterm elections are typically characterized by low voter turnout and an older electorate, however campaigns are hoping to capitalize on the current political climate to increase turnout among younger and undecided voters this cycle. OnSpot can help you reach the right voters whether you are seeking volunteers, campaign contributions, communicating positions on important issues, or getting out the vote for a candidate.

Custom Highly-Targeted Audiences

OnSpot’s interactive platform makes it easy to build a custom audience to reach your desired target. OnSpot offers the following ways to create and advertise to them:

District and Zip Code Targeting

Each race has a specific geography where constituents live. Our audience building tools allow you to hone in on zip codes, congressional districts, or state legislative districts for precise targeting of voters within these areas.

Location Analytics Based Targeting

Use our Geoframing tools to target locations where people within your key voter profiles visit. Consider churches, non-profits, community organizations, religious organizations, community events, political rallies & events, concerts, etc.

Voter List Targeting

You can also upload any address lists into our platform to create targeted advertising audiences for the mobile devices associated with those households. These can be donor lists, voter rolls, registered party members — any address list works.

Political and General Demographics Targeting

Select for demographic characteristics such as political party affiliation, voter turnout probability, and political donation probability by city, state, zip, congressional district, or state legislative district. These can be combined with other demographic criteria including gender, age, household income, veteran status and more to ensure your campaign’s message will reach those that will resonate with it most.

Digital Visitor Targeting

Continually capturing and targeting digital visitors, particularly to a campaign site or donation landing page is critical for fundraising efforts, especially when many organizations and candidates are competing for small dollar donors. Place the OnSpot Web Pixel on your website and turn visitors into audiences for retargeting efforts, and utilize our unique audience extension capabilities to also advertise to others in their household, their real-world social circle, and those that have a similar demographic profile.

Simple Activation for Multichannel Ad Delivery

Utilize a multi-channel approach to reach the voters in your curated audience. 

Digital Campaigns – Mobile, Desktop, CTV, and OTT

OnSpot’s mobile device audiences can be served across a variety of digital media types through most DSPs. In addition to mobile, your audience can be reached via Connected TV (CTV), Desktop, or Over The Top TV (OTT). Push your message where voters consume media across all of their devices.

Direct Mail

OnSpot can send address lists for your custom audiences to any direct mail house for activation in direct mail campaigns.

OnSpot has a variety of solutions to help you strategically reach the right audience with your campaign message, fundraising appeal, or voter turnout effort. Contact us today for a demonstration of these features and how we can partner with you for success in November 2022.

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