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OnSpot’s attribution reporting tool measures real-world ad campaign response by analyzing footfall traffic at a destination based on the targeted audience. Building a Responders Audience is useful for expanding your customer base and building loyalty with existing customers.

1. Re-Targeting & Offer Customization

Retarget responders that have actually visited your business to build repeat sales and customer loyalty using specialized offers.

2. Responder & Campaign Insights

Build customer personas from Responder Audiences or better understand how an ad campaign or creative appealed to different demographic groups. Building an OnSpot Demographic report to understand metrics like gender, age, household income, interests and a variety of other details to help you discover additional audiences or better target messaging toward different groups.

3. Audience Extensions Reach More Potential Responders

The Responders audience type can be easily published just like our other audience types, and the four extensions that we offer can also be applied. This allows you to expand your audience to include other likely visitors to your location(s) with a few clicks.

  • Household – Family & housemates. Note, if the Household extension was used in the original audience, it will give you some of the same devices if you apply it to the responder audience – not a huge gain if your goal is new customer acquisition, but it is a good extension to apply for retargeting.
  • Social – Real-world friends, family, and coworkers. Note, if you used the social extension in the original audience, you will get a subset of these same devices if also added to the responder audience. The value of applying this to a responder audience is that there is a more direct influence with these social connections from known responders.
  • Lookalike – Consumers with similar behavior & demographics. Note, our lookalike extension works off of a seed audience. Therefore, building a lookalike audience from responders will give you a different result than lookalikes run against the original audience. This should return a more highly targeted audience that may include some devices that were in the original audience extension, and some that were not in the original audience extension. This can be useful for increasing your scale of likely customers mid-campaign.

How to Build a Responder Audience in 3 Clicks

Attribution Report Actions

It only takes a few clicks to build a Responder Audience in the Attribution Report Library:

  1. Click on an Attribution Report in the library
  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the report that opens all available actions
  3. Click “Create Responder Audience”

OnSpot attribution reporting provides you with a wealth of valuable information on how effective your campaigns are. If you are already familiar with the power of attribution reporting, adding responder audiences into your strategy can greatly improve your results. As always, reach out to us with any questions you may have – we want to make sure you are getting the most out of our platform!

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