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How can you re-engage visitors who come to your website, browse, and leave without taking a desired action without using cookies?

Pixels are a popular tactic in digital advertising, but an OnSpot Web Pixel allows you to do more than simply monitor visits to your website or landing pages. Our technology converts your web visitor’s IP address into Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS) that can be used for re-targeting, expanding existing audiences, and attribution reporting on digital conversions. All of this without utilizing any cookies!


Re-engage website visitors with special offers or content to entice them to convert and become customers.

Attribution Reporting

Take your web visitor audience and compare it against your original advertising audience to understand your campaign effectiveness. Compare website and physical store visitors to better understand how customers engage with your brand and products. Take it to the next level by comparing web visitors and CRM sales data for pinpointed conversion reporting.

Apply the Web Pixel and Start Capturing Visitors:

  1. Navigate to “web pixels” and select “add a new pixel”
  2. Enter the website or landing page URL
  3. Copy and paste the javascript code into the header of your website or via Google Tag Manager (contact support for detailed instructions)
  4. Start collecting web visitors on a daily basis

Contact us today for more information on Web Pixel Audiences.

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