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The OnSpot team has released a new feature in our Data Management Platform this month. We are excited to announce that users now have the ability to filter or overlay multiple audiences together to create new targeting segments. With the introduction of the Filter Audience tool, effortlessly identify common devices among up to five different audiences, directly from the main library page.

But what exactly does this mean for your marketing strategy, and how can you fully leverage this new functionality to your advantage? Let’s dig into the benefits and use cases that this feature opens up for you.

Cross Shopping Analysis

One of the primary advantages of the Filter Audience tool is its ability to facilitate cross-shopping analysis between your locations and competitor locations. By filtering for common devices across these audiences, you can gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior, which can further refine your marketing strategies and capitalize on competitive opportunities effectively.

Precision Targeting of Trade Area Residents

In today’s competitive landscape, understanding the demographics of your target audience is key to success. With the Filter Audience tool, you can now easily identify residents of an area that have specific demographic characteristics. This granular level of targeting empowers you to to tailor your campaign messaging with unmatched precision, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Integrating Online and In-Person Interactions

The digital and physical world are inextricably intertwined, making it essential for marketers to understand the nuances between online and in-person interactions. With our new feature, platform users can effortlessly identify common devices among online visitors who have also visited in-person, enabling them to craft cohesive multichannel strategies that deliver a seamless brand experience across all touch points.

Lastly, any Filtered Audience that you build can be activated on your preferred DSP, social network, or within the OnSpot Integrated DSP to deliver media to your refined target segment.

To summarize, the Filter Audience tool represents a significant improvement in audience analysis and targeting for OnSpot users. By harnessing the power of this feature, you can unlock deeper insights, refine targeting strategies, and ultimately drive measurable campaign results using our attribution reporting tools. Ready to take your audience segmentation to the next level? Watch this quick one-minute video on how to create a Filtered Audience.

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