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The social media landscape is continually changing, and perfecting your paid advertising strategy for each channel can be challenging. Here are the top trends for Facebook in 2023 and how OnSpot’s suite of solutions can be a great fit to achieve your campaign goals.

OnSpot audiences include data points not offered by the major social networks including past location visit behavior, expanded demographic characteristics, and unique audience extensions that include household members, real-world friends, and lookalikes. These highly targeted audiences are custom tailored to your campaign needs, and can be published to the social platform of your choice for improved performance and response.

OnSpot’s detailed audience analytics inform your team on new opportunities and allow for data-driven decision making for your business. Audience behavior including location visitor trends and patterns, demographic personas, and how they are responding to your marketing efforts are difficult to measure in most social network advertising platforms, but OnSpot can provide those insights. 

OnSpot’s attribution reporting provides tools that measure response to both brick-and-mortar locations and online to deliver multi-channel measurement of ROI on a social campaign. Social platform measurement tools are limited, leaving you without the insights stakeholders need to understand in-person and web visitor behavior outside of click-thrus in the social platform. Additionally, we can match sales back to the original audience exposed to the campaign for improved CPA analysis.


With nearly 3 billion active users, the reach and scale you can achieve with Facebook ads cannot be ignored. It is known that the right strategy on this channel can grow brand awareness, increase your loyal following, and reach new audiences. However, it is important to make sure you are connecting with the right audience with the right message, at the right time. Here are some key trends on Facebook in 2023 and how OnSpot tools can help you succeed.

Trend: Rising Costs of Ads

If you have been running campaigns on Facebook for some time now, you will notice that CPC has increased, sometimes significantly, over the last year or so. An increase in supply and competition between the ever expanding number of eCommerce retailers has been a significant factor in this trend. More and more businesses are competing for the same users on Facebook, and therefore it is critical to optimize your targeting with data-driven insight into what is resonating with your audience.

Benefits of OnSpot:

OnSpot gives you the ability to get the most of your Facebook spend and cut through the noise in a variety of ways: 

  • Improved targeting to put your ads in front of the right users at the right time.
  • Online visitor capture through our cookieless web pixel product to feed into your retargeting efforts.
  • Attribution reporting measures campaign results by both real-world foot traffic and online visitors & purchasers. This provides more accuracy into cost-per-visit (CPA) analysis and other key metrics that are lacking with Facebook’s reporting tools.

Trend: Increased limits on Targeting Capabilities

Facebook and its parent company, Meta, have implemented various restrictions on the ways in which you can filter or target a specific segment of users in their business and ads manager platform. These restrictions include targeting based on sensitive topics related to health, sexual orientation, religious and/or political beliefs, and ethnicity.

Facebook’s location based targeting tools provide a radius around a business and do not capture actual visitors to a specific commercial address. This can result in your campaign budget going to the wrong people that are unlikely to respond to your ads.

Other restrictions that can limit your targeting and performance include “special ad categories” that Facebook has identified for credit, employment, or housing campaigns. For example, you cannot target a specific set of zip codes if your campaign falls within one of these special ad categories. Facebook lookalike audiences are also unavailable.

Benefits of OnSpot:

OnSpot makes audience creation using geospatial tools, demographics, website visitors, and more both easy and effective. These highly targeted, anonymized audiences can be built using tactics that the Facebook Ads Manager cannot provide, including our proprietary audience extension tools to increase your scale, while still retaining the characteristics of your original targeted audience. Lastly, you can apply additional layers of targeting using the Facebook ads manager tools to further refine your audience and reach.

Our team can provide many tactics and strategies to reach audiences that Facebook has deemed sensitive, while preserving privacy and compliance. 

Commercial location targeting through OnSpot is completely customizable and provides precision visitor capture at a specific address, location within that address, and even the surrounding parking lot. For expanded targeting for households within a larger geographic area, our solution allows for zip code or postal carrier route entry, selection by metro area, or state.

Trend: Decreased Ad Response

With the expanding competition previously mentioned, getting a user to see, click, and ultimately convert on a Facebook ad is becoming more and more difficult. It is important to ensuring that your creatives, CTA, and landing pages are:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Appealing and easy-to-understand
  • As frictionless as possible when a user wants to take action

These factors, in combination with the above trends of rising costs and targeting limitations can hurt your campaign performance, ROI, and ultimately conversions and sales.

Benefits of OnSpot:

Any audience you create utilizing our platform will generate a segment of Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS) which you can easily publish into any Facebook Ads Manager account. This ensures that the mobile-friendly ads you create will in fact be served to a mobile device, giving you the best opportunity for performance and conversion.

As we’ve mentioned, effective targeting is the most important way to cut through all of the noise on Facebook and reach your ideal audience. OnSpot provides many different ways that users can identify, activate, and expand upon these target customers that Facebook does not offer. Improved targeting will ensure you have the best results possible.

As you know, there are so many trends and new features to keep up with on Facebook. The OnSpot Data platform is a key enhancement to improve audience targeting, analysis, and reporting for your Facebook objectives. Contact our team today to schedule a demo today.

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