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Do you have clients that are in the tourism industry looking to bring more visitors to their destination? The suite of OnSpot Analytics, Audience building, campaign Activation, and Attribution measurement tools are a great solution for travel and tourism use cases.

Below we will dive into how our technology allows you to identify tourist audiences with a couple of real-world examples.

The OnSpot Solution for Tourism

Our platform provides you with the ability to analyze visitors to any location during a specified time frame and create an audience of Device IDs. Next, Device IDs observed at a location are associated with a Household Address. Filter out local residents from the original location visitor segment, and what you are left with is a tourist audience. From here, you can activate the tourist audience to deliver media for multichannel campaigns via a DSP social network, or Direct Mail. Lastly, determine the foot traffic lift from your campaign by measuring visitors to your destination against your original target audience.

Use Case: The Affluent Traveler

If you were looking to target individuals that have a higher household income, here are locations you could analyze to build an “Affluent Traveler” audience:

  • Ski Resorts
  • Golf Clubs & Resorts
  • 4 and 5 star Hotels
  • Fine Dining
  • Luxury Brand Stores

Use Case: The Adventure Traveler

Does your destination cater to outdoor enthusiasts? Consider these location types when creating an “Adventure Traveler” audience:

  • Outdoor activities such as white water rafting or rock climbing
  • Camp grounds
  • Hiking trailheads
  • National Parks

Use Case: The Road Tripper

Want to attract people who love a trip across the state or country? Here are locations you could measure to create an audience of road trip travelers:

  • Roadside hotels & motels
  • Gift shops & thrift stores
  • Rental car companies
  • Diners & fast food
  • Camp grounds

Do you have a specific tourist audience segment in mind? Contact our team of experts to schedule a strategy session today!

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