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Better Audiences Drive Better Results

Quickly create custom mobile audiences tailored to your campaign objectives and provision them for use in digital campaigns with the push of a button.

Easily draw a shape around any location of interest using our intuitive interactive map tools to size and save the resulting audience in the system. A variety of reports are provided to understand the composition of your audience. It is that easy, in a few clicks you are ready to deliver a digital campaign against a custom targeted audience.

Demographic Audience:
Create local, regional, and national audiences from hundreds of household-level data elements using an easy-to-navigate menu to select attributes. The system interactively delivers audience sizing to customize and save the desired audience.

Quick Select Audience:
Quick Select eliminates the need to draw individual GeoFrames around every location of interest when building national, regional, and category-based audiences. Efficiently build an audience by searching and selecting from over 10 million national and local brands and retailers that encompass 180 million business locations.

Residential Address Audience:
Easily and quickly convert addresses into audiences. Upload CRM data, direct mail lists or any other residential address list, and effortlessly turn it into a mobile digital audience for campaigns and reporting.

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