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Car Dealership Converts Over 40% of Competitor Shoppers

Engaging Recent Visitors to Competitors Over 30 Days Drove Both Online and In-Store Visitation

Car Dealership Shoppers


A car dealership in the Reno, NV market sought to increase engagement to their website, in addition to driving more foot traffic and vehicle sales during a 30 day period.


OnSpot identified 11,351 active shoppers from 121 competitor car dealerships in the Reno market 30 days prior to campaign launch.


Mobile banner and interstitial ads were served on the OnSpot Integrated DSP for 30 days, refreshed daily to continually add active shoppers into the target audience.


Devices in the competitor target audience were served ads on an 8-10x frequency during the campaign time period.

  • 4,817 total page visits
  • 1:21 minute average dwell/session time
  • 712 unique visits to the destination car dealership
  • 292 total vehicles sold during program
  • 138 total sold vehicles that were served an ad


    Focusing on very recent, active shoppers to competitors in the Reno DMA + refreshing the data daily produced engagement both on the landing page and on-lot. 47% of vehicles sold came from households that were delivered an ad during the 30 day campaign period.

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