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1. Staying in touch with customers

Reaching retail customers has been a real challenge for brick and mortar businesses. As retailers reopen and shoppers start coming back, in many cases it is a trickle not a flood! Reaching the shoppers that had been regular visitors and buyers can be challenging – Our retail data and consumer analytics can really help your clients win big with marketing campaigns focused on your missing regulars!

2. We want to Help!

Contact your sales or support rep to learn more about our the various types of data that can help you win big in tough times – We have several hundred terabytes of data going back 12 months that can help your retail clients engage their former shoppers and get them back in the stores!

3. Keep advertising – it works!

One of our customers ran a campaign for a national QSR brand who was offering drive thru pick up only – the TV campaign ran in 5 major DMA’s with OnSpot measuring the retail visits.

4. Tracking Campaign Results

A recent attribution study observing four Quick Serve Restaurants showed the value of advertising and it’s effect on consumer behavior – one brand increased their ad spend and saw significant lift in store sales throughout the campaign! OnSpots Data and Attribution Reporting was able to validate the efficacy of the campaigns and show a significant increase in foot traffic!

5. Interesting Reading

Below are a few articles about the change in consumer shopping behavior:

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Importance of Marketing During the Pandemic

All the best from Team OnSpot! 

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