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OnSpot Data now offers an integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) solution. Adding this feature to the OnSpot Data portfolio of marketing automation offerings created an end-to-end solution for programmatic advertisers by allowing for the self-service purchase of digital media.

With the OnSpot integrated DSP solution, audience data and ad campaign data seamlessly flow between the main OnSpot platform and the integrated DSP.  Platform users are provided with complete visibility of their campaign metrics, including actual devices served, which is not an industry standard.

Analytics and attribution reporting can be accessed continually throughout a campaign in order to optimize and measure campaign performance.

Benefits of the Integrated DSP

There are many key benefits to using the OnSpot integrated DSP Solution. 


  • Platform users can build an audience through the OnSpot platform and push those devices to the integrated DSP seamlessly providing campaign visibility not typical within the industry.

In-Depth Analytics and Attribution Reporting

  • Impressions, devices, and other ad-serving data is funneled back to the OnSpot platform where users have access to in-depth analytics and attribution reporting on a daily basis. This reporting can be used to measure campaign success and optimize campaign performance. 
  • Attribution reports measure footfall and website responses from the devices that were served ads during the campaign. Footfall attribution utilizes location data to count targeted household members that visited to the advertiser’s stores or locations. Digital attribution utilizes web pixels placed on websites or landing pages to measure how many website visits (click-thru and non-click-thru) were generated from the campaign. Since the ad-serving data is directly integrated, there is no guesswork or modeling for these reports.

No Minimum Impression or Audience Size Threshold

  • Campaign sizes do not have to meet a minimum impression or audience size threshold. This allows users to run tightly targeted campaigns. Attribution reporting can be performed for almost any campaign size. 

Publish Campaigns without Delay

  • Once audience creation is complete, a campaign can be published to the integrated DSP with just a few clicks and will be ready for ad serving almost immediately. 3rd party advertising platforms can take up to a day or two to process your audience. 

Serve Display Ads to all Devices in an Audience

  • All devices within an audience will be available for serving throughout the campaign. This is not always the case with other DSPs and advertising platforms as they utilize device graphs to match against audience data and can flush out large percentages of the devices within the audience before campaign matching.

Increase Reach and Campaign Scale with the OnSpot Audience Extension Tools

  • OnSpot’s audience extensions include household: devices matched to the households of the base audience, lookalike: devices with similar behavioral patterns and demographic characteristics as the base audience, and social: devices that were frequently seen at the same place at the same time as devices in the base audience. 

Additional Integrations

OnSpot can deliver audiences to most third-party DSPs via direct publishing with 15 DSPs and integrations with over 70 other DSPs through the use of Deal IDs.  Capabilities offered by the OnSpot Integrated DSP Solution may not be available using a third-party DSP.

Managed Campaign Services

OnSpot delivers turnkey digital campaigns from setup to optimization to delivery of results. Just provide your campaign objectives, budget, and media to OnSpot, and our team can build and deliver your campaign.

The OnSpot Integrated DSP solution offers the industry standard suite of targeting and optimization tools with competitive CPMs. Campaigns can be served in mobile, desktop, or connected television environments through an easy-to-use DSP interface. With OnSpot there is no longer a need to juggle multiple vendors for audience creation, campaign execution, and data analytics.

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