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Quick Serve Restaurant Chain Increases Foot Traffic by 280%

An emerging QSR chain seeks to increase foot traffic using OnSpot's Managed Campaign Services.


Increase exposure and foot traffic to nationwide restaurant locations.


OnSpot implemented targeting in 3 specific areas:

  • Previous restaurant visitors in the past 90 days
  • Custom Trade Area audiences around each restaurant location utilizing population density to determine each radius.
  • Previous competitor restaurant visitors in the past 90 days


Media was served via the OnSpot Integrated DSP for both mobile display banners and CTV in July and August 2023. A variety of promotional offers and menu items were featured in the creative assets each week.


  • Display banner CTR increase month-over-month: 22%
  • CTV VCR increase month-over-month: .15% - VCR averaged over 97% throughout the campaign.
  • Foot traffic increase month-over-month: 280% across all restaurants nationwide for a total of 132,883 unique visitors during the campaign.


A variety of targeting tactics, combined with engaging creatives that were refreshed on a weekly basis produced great results in terms of campaign performance. This resulted in increased foot traffic to the restaurant locations over the 2 month period.

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