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Panera Bread National TV Campaign Drove 4.5% Increase in Foot Traffic

The Attribution study revealed both an increase in restaurant visits and a lift in in-store sales.


A satellite TV service provider needed help measuring the efficacy of their national advertising campaign for Panera Bread restaurant locations. They were experiencing challenges understanding how their TV campaign impacted real world visits.


OnSpot collected visit observation data from over 2,000 Panera Bread locations before, during, and after the TV ads ran. 


Once the location observations were collected, the Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) from each location were matched to their associated household address. Household level CRM data was provided by the brand, and the following data was extracted:

  • Households exposed to the ad campaign
  • Exposed households that visited a Panera Bread restaurant location
  • Exposed households that visited a Panera Bread restaurant location, and made a purchase during their visit


  • 4.5% increase in visits to Panera Bread from the households exposed to the TV ads
  • 3% overall lift in sales from the exposed audience


This foot traffic attribution study was verified via the purchase data made available from the brand. This verification of both foot traffic and sales lift allowed the satellite TV provider to secure a multi-million dollar contract with Panera Bread for ongoing marketing campaigns.

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