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Luxury Auto Brand Converts Over 50% of Target Audience

A luxury auto dealership needed help to improve the quality of their leads generated online for in-market car shoppers.


Generate more leads by driving high quality traffic to the website in addition to identifying in-person shoppers ready to purchase a vehicle.


  • Over 100 competitor dealerships refreshed daily to identify active shoppers


Banner and interstitial ads were served via the OnSpot Integrated DSP for 30 days.


  • 4,817 visits to the landing page with an average session of over 1 minute.
  • 712 visits to the destination dealership.
  • 272 total vehicles sold for approximately $16M in revenue.

  • 51% of active shoppers that were served an ad made a purchase.


Focusing specifically on in-market shoppers with a daily audience refresh drove significant engagement to the website, resulting in high quality leads that ultimately lead to increased vehicle sales and revenue.

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