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Unlock the value of your properties using geo-location data

Competition is fierce and mistakes are costly. OnSpot’s platform provides essential information to shape your strategies around current and future properties.

Locations and Visitors:
Our interactive platform has a full suite of visitor analytics and reports that support analysis, presentation, decision-making, and monitoring needs for any REIT. Evaluate your properties, competing properties or potential locations to provide valuable insight. Accurately measure where visitors live, when they visit, how often they visit, other locations they frequent, and more.

Demographic Insights:
Household-level demographic data provides an essential profile of the visitors, their behavior and their interests. Build detailed customer personas based on actual visitors, not just zip codes.

Data Visualization:
Develop a competitive view of a location’s retail trade area based on individualized insights in reports, graphs, and cluster maps. Information includes visitors by zip code, travel distance, visitor originations, destinations, and frequencies.

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