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Straightforward insights for demanding decisions

Identify the who, what and when for visitors to any location using OnSpot’s suite of report and analytic tools. Quickly gain and share valuable insights based on a vast amount of high-quality data Make critical business decisions using real data collected from hundreds of millions of visitors – not projections, models, or extrapolations of small data samples.

Understanding is everything, and OnSpot can quickly provide a broad sample of visitor behavior and key demographic information for any location. Insight reports are ideally suited for quickly understanding an audience and guiding your business and clients with keen knowledge about customers and competitors.

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Successful targeting depends on knowing the consumer, and demographics tell a lot about the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of visitors. Gain essential awareness about visitors, their story, their interests, what drives them and how to reach them. Both interactive graphical reports and detailed demographic data downloads are provided to facilitate analysis and understanding.

Geographical Analysis:
Map-based visualization tools display visitor patterns – where they come from, how far they travel and how frequently they visit – in a single view. Understand actual trade areas based on real visits to focus marketing efforts, guide store placement, and tailor product selection and offers.

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