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Reach highly-responsive audiences to deliver exceptional campaign performance.
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OnSpot Advertising Audiences

Custom Audiences that Perform

Every audience is unique to your needs and objectives and deliver exceptional results – there are no predefined segments.

The OnSpot Data platform simplifies building these custom audiences based on locations, trade areas, demographics, points of interest, address lists, and more.

OnSpot provides visual and downloadable reports for your custom audiences that are shareable online to learn about the profile, interests, and behavior of those unique audiences. This data is invaluable for showing advertisers the composition, reach, and attributes of their audiences and providing insights and recommendations that aren’t available from other solutions.

Activate for Multichannel Campaigns with a Few Clicks

Audiences can easily be published to DSPs, social platforms, and direct mail providers for multichannel campaign activation.

In addition to offering our own integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) solution, we integrate with over 85 DSPs and social networks for serving digital and video ads to Desktop, Mobile (Display, Video, Audio), Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT). Learn more about our publishing integrations here. Additionally, household addresses derived from any audience can be utilized in direct mail campaigns.

Campaign Activation Infographic
Measure Ad Response In-Store

Measure Footfall and Online Response

Proving the results and efficacy of your campaign is critical for marketers.

OnSpot’s Attribution Reporting provides the tools to capture footfall and digital visitor metrics during and after a campaign.

OnSpot can measure campaign response for digital as well as direct mail advertising and match sales to devices served ads or addresses receiving direct mail. 

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