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Multichannel Targeting & Measurement

Digital, CTV, Direct Mail, and

Target highly responsive audiences through OnSpot.

With a decade of experience, OnSpot is a pioneer in geospatial data analytics, audience targeting, and campaign measurement.

Custom Audiences

Customize your audiences based on location visits, demographics, digital visitor data, and more, through the OnSpot platform. Our platform allows you to build your audiences and increase your reach by including household members, social circles, or lookalikes, to assist you in targeting the right audience.

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Campaign Activation

Target or retarget custom audiences with digital ads, Connected TV (CTV), Over The Top (OTT) Video, Linear TV, Direct Mail, and Out-of-Home. Activate your campaign through connected DSPs for digital or your current partners for other channels.

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Understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to optimize marketing spend while improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measure footfall response for brick-and-mortar locations and online responses (both organic and click-thru) for websites.

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The OnSpot Solution

Our clients achieve success with our industry-leading data and user-friendly platform to build, activate, and report on custom audiences. We outperform based on:


Real mobile devices observed at a location. We never pad or extrapolate foot traffic.

Audience Insight

View analytics based on household level demographic data, not just zip codes.


Look up to 12-months in the past at any location in the United States.

Audience Extension

Include members of the household, real-life social circe, or lookalikes to increase reach.

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