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Results that build loyal clients

Build high-performing mobile audiences that exceed your client’s performance objectives. OnSpot audiences are custom-built for each campaign from massive amounts of recent, high-quality data and deliver best-in-class results for click-through rates, in-store, and digital visits.

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Custom audiences that perform

OnSpot’s platform simplifies building custom mobile audiences based on locations, trade area, demographics, points of interest, address lists, and more. Not only does OnSpot let you build your own audience, the platform also provides online and downloadable reports to learn about the profile, interests, and behavior of those unique audiences. There are no predefined segments – every audience is unique, highly targeted, and delivers exceptional results. This data is invaluable for showing advertisers the composition, reach, and attributes of their audiences and providing insights and recommendations that aren’t available from other solutions.

Activate for multi-channel campaigns with a few clicks

Audiences can be easily published outside of the platform into your existing campaign setup processes with ease. We integrate with over 85 Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and social networks and allow you to serve the target devices with CTV, Desktop, Mobile (Display, Video, Audio), or OTT advertising. Learn more about our publishing integrations here. Additionally, audiences can be activated for direct mail campaigns.

Measuring results

Proving the results and efficacy of your campaign is critical. OnSpot’s Attribution Reporting provides the tools to capture footfall and digital visitor metrics during and after a campaign. We can measure both in-person and web visitor results, and can even match those served advertising back to real sales data. Our tools help you provide a comprehensive view on campaign performance and value.

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